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8 Steps to Protect Your Skin from Dryness this summer!

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8 Steps to Protect Your Skin from Dryness this summer!

Do you suffer from dry skin in the summer? Skin dryness is very common during summer months and may cause discomfort as it can lead to cracked skin, redness and itching. So, what are the factors causing dry skin? How can you tackle them? Keep reading to learn more about this topic.

Sunlight is not the only cause of dry skin!

We often associate strong sunlight with dry skin in the summer, but as the dermatologist Dr. Adele Chedraoui explains, there are other contributing factors as well. It’s true that sun exposure causes water to evaporate from the skin which may lead to dryness. However, we shouldn’t neglect the effects of air-conditioning as it can strip your skin of its moisture.
Also, swimming pools contain chlorine which can further dry out your skin, especially for children and people who already suffer from skin problems such as eczema and allergies.
So, the combination of summer heat, increased humidity, exposure to sunlight, air-conditioning and water in swimming pools can lead to dry skin.

Prevent dry skin in summer

How can you address dry skin and restore moisture despite all the factors affecting skin negatively? Dr. Adele Chedraoui recommends the following steps:

1- Drinking water: You should increase your daily water intake in summer as the high temperature causes rapid water evaporation. You can also hydrate your skin by drinking fresh juices or eating water-rich foods such as watermelon, cucumber, lettuce…

2- Selecting the right soap: When cleansing your skin in summer, go for a soap or cleanser specifically designed for dry skin as other types of soap may increase dryness. Dr. Chedraoui also recommends avoiding the use of antibacterial soaps.

3- Water temperature: Many people prefer hot water showers, even during summer. However, it’s important to avoid them and go for lukewarm water which may help your skin retain its moisture.

4- Deodorant: During summer, you might notice redness and scale formation in your underarms which might also feel itchy. We recommend you choose a deodorant for sensitive skin and use it during the hot summer months.

dry skin in the summer

5- Moisturizer for dry skin: What you really need during summer is a cream or lotion specifically designed for dry skin, as it is the best way to fight summer dryness. Applying it daily is essential especially after sun exposure or showering.

6- Avoiding Jacuzzis and saunas: You will always find some extra time to pamper yourself in summer. However, keep in mind that Jacuzzis and saunas can strip away your skin’s moisture. So, we recommend you avoid them as much as possible. If used, make sure to limit the time spent in the sauna or Jacuzzi and moisturize the skin after the shower.

7- Sunscreen: Don’t let the sun’s ultraviolet rays harm your skin and strip it of its natural moisture. Choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen that protects skin against both UVA and UVB rays. It’s preferable to go for a water-resistant one, as it remains effective while swimming and sweating.

8- Use of air conditioners: Although the unbearable heat can make you turn on the air conditioner whether at home or in the office, Dr. Adele Chedraoui recommends you limit its use and turn it off from time to time to avoid its harmful effects on skin. According to Dr. Chedraoui, it’s very important to monitor the humidity of the air-conditioned room, as humidifiers can help reduce the harmful effects of air conditioners.

Follow these tips every day to treat and prevent dry skin this summer!

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