Dry Skin

Dry Skin

Dry skin occurs when the skin loses too much moisture. It is an annoying condition marked by scaling, itching and cracking that can affect any part of the body.

Dry Skin on Your Face
Posted by | October 24, 2021
Do You Have Dry Skin on Your Face? Here’s What You Can Do

Let's face it – having dry skin is no fun. When the skin on your face is itchy, flaky, or rough, everything gets a little more complicated. With dull, dehydrated...

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Posted by | July 23, 2021
The best dry skin cream, according to a skin care expert

It's safe to say that almost everyone has dry skin, especially when the weather turns cold or hot. Rough, flaky patches usually appear when temperatures fluctuate, and it can be...

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Posted by | June 29, 2021
The best face wash for women with dry skin

With all the focus on serums, moisturizers, and anti-aging products, you may be forgetting an important piece of the skin care puzzle: a good facial cleanser. Face wash can be...

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Posted by | June 21, 2021
The Best Face Cream for Dry Skin in Summer 2021

Are you surprised that you have dry skin in the summer? We understand your confusion, as the warm months are popular for sweaty, oily skin. Yet, a surprisingly large number...

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Posted by | May 6, 2021
How to Tell if Your Skin is Dry, Dehydrated, or Both

In collaboration with Dr. Irena Ivanovsca Turns out you may have been treating your dry skin like dehydrated skin all your life and not even be aware of it. Huh,...

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