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Does Hair Brushing Cause Hair Loss? Find Out the Ultimate Answer!

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Does Hair Brushing Cause Hair Loss? Find Out the Ultimate Answer!

Do you get the steam coming out of your ears every time you see a handful of hair on your brush? Relax, you’re not going bald! The Dermo Lab brings you this article to reveal to you whether brushing causes hair loss or not, so you can be able to provide your hair with the best care.

How Much Hair Fall Is Normal For A Day?

It’s important to note that the average person who is brushing or combing his/her hair every day should lose between 50 to 100 strands. Think about it, an average head holds between 100,000 to 150,000 hairs and hair fall is just a part of the natural regeneration cycle. So, don’t panic next time you lose the average amount of hair.

However, why does hair loss occur when brushing? When you brush or comb your hair, you detangle your strands, thus the weaker hairs will fall, and the new ones will grow again. But if you’re shedding more than the average amount of hair, some other contributing factors could be the reason.

Are You Brushing Your Hair the Wrong Way?

Sometimes you could be brushing your hair the wrong way leading to a significant amount of fallen hair. Here are a few habits you should avoid:

1- Brushing from the roots to the ends: This is a common mistake that leads to pulling the hair out of the follicles especially when trying to take out the tangles. Instead, start by combing the middle of your hair till the ends, then move up to the roots.

2- Using the wrong brush: There are many types of brushes out there, and all of them are the perfect fit for your hair, that’s what they say. But it’s always better to consult a hair expert to decide which one is the best for your hair. For instance, the wide-tooth comb for detangling is completely different from the boar bristle brush.

3- Brushing your hair when it is wet: When your hair is wet, it is more prone to breakage, so it is better to put off brushing until another time. Or you can simply blow-dry it or allow it to dry on its own, then brush it.

What Are Other Factors That Can Cause Hair Loss?

If you brush your hair the right way yet you notice significant amounts of fallen hair, it is important to check the following factors:

1- Thyroid disorders: Underactive thyroid gland produces insufficient amounts of thyroid hormone, which weakens the hair follicles, and thus results in hair fall. So, don’t hesitate to consult a specialist doctor when you suffer from such a problem to clear up all doubts.

2- Anemia: One of the medical problems that can cause hair loss is anemia which occurs when the body suffers from iron deficiency. This can affect the hair’s health and makes it prone to breakage.

3- Lupus: This inflammatory disease affects the scalp, and causes severe hair thinning, which increases its breakage. It can also cause eyelashes and eyebrow hair loss and affects beards in men.

4- Weight loss: Significant weight loss strips your hair of nutrients it needs, especially when going on a severe diet. The same could also happen after undergoing bariatric surgeries such as gastric sleeve surgery.

5- Childbirth: If you have had a recent labor experience, don’t be shocked if you’re experiencing hair shedding. This is very common in new moms, and it can last for several months.

6- Hair straightening: If there is no medical reason behind your hair loss, then it is necessary to pay attention to your daily habits, for instance, the overuse of heat tools, such as the blow-dryer and the hair iron without any hair protection.

7- Poor quality products: Poor quality products can negatively affect your hair. So, make sure you invest in a shampoo, hair mask, and conditioner from reliable brands that offer well-known and tried products. And don’t forget to consider your hair type (normal, oily, dry, or mixed) when choosing the products.

So, it has become clearer to you that brushing is one of the plenty factors that can cause hair loss and not the only one. Therefore, it is important to know which factor is contributing to your problem so you can treat it better.

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Last Updated on February 23, 2024

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