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Does the hijab cause hair loss?

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Does the hijab cause hair loss?

No matter what sums up a perfect day for you, not having to deal with hair loss when taking off your hijab would certainly be part of it. Hair loss caused by hijab is a long-standing phenomenon. To learn more about it, read this article from the Dermo Lab, as we reveal the top mistakes you should avoid.

The Normal Hair Loss Per Day

You naturally lose between 100 to 150 hairs a day, which you may notice on your brush or when you take a shower. So, the next time you see fallen hair on your hijab, try to estimate the amount of hair to see if it’s above the average.

If the amount is not within the normal range, you should look for the reasons behind your hair problem. One of the reasons could be the mistakes you’re doing that lead to hair damage under the hijab and contribute to hair loss.

5 Hair Mistakes Hijabis Do

Hijab hair loss or hijab alopecia, as more commonly known, is actually real. It can be the result of various medical and psychological factors such as stress and tension. In such cases, a medical follow-up is the solution. However, if you don’t suffer from any health problems, you’re most likely making the following mistakes without even noticing it. These can affect your overall hair’s health and eventually lead to early hair loss.

1- Pressure on your hair: A receding hairline can have several causes. One of them is traction alopecia, which occurs when chronic friction or tension is placed on the hairline for an extended period of time. If the hijab pulls on your hair roots over a period of years, the hair roots can become over-stressed and die. Hence, try loosening your hijab and wrapping it with fewer layers. Also, make sure to let your hair loose from time to time during the day whenever possible.

2- Wearing your hijab on wet hair: Tying your hair while it’s still wet is probably the cruellest form of torture you can inflict on your hair. Why? This habit weakens your hair follicles and damages your strands over time, making them more likely to break and fall out. On the other hand, this habit increases dandruff and makes your hair frizzy and dull.

Does the hijab cause hair loss?

3- Relying on inappropriate materials: Cotton fabrics are what best suit your hair and help maintain its health and prevent its loss. As for synthetic fabrics such as polyester, they can lead to scalp sweating which makes for a good environment for dandruff, bacterial infections, or fungus to develop, another factor contributing to hair loss.

4- Hair Tightening: If you keep your hair too tight under your scarf, don’t be surprised with more and more fallen hair. So, make sure to loosen your hair under the hijab since there is no need to pull it back too often, this way you avoid creating a huge pressure on your hair follicles.

5- Using chemicals: Chemicals are your hair’s worst enemy, whether found in dyes or non-medicinal hair conditioners. What’s more, the effect of such substances gets worse under your hijab, due to the heat created by the fabric. So, make sure to stay away from any products containing chemicals, as they will only make your problem worse, even if the labels say otherwise.

Now that you’re aware of the common mistakes that can lead to hair loss, it’s easier for you to avoid them. Also, make sure to adopt a healthy hair care routine using reliable products, such as the ones we suggest below from Ducray, the world leader in providing the best solutions for skin and hair problems:

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Anacaps Food Supplement: To effectively combat this problem, try this food supplement as well. These capsules are rich in vitamins that nourish your hair follicles and strengthen them, which significantly reduces hair loss. They also contain amino acids that increase hair resistance and help in hair growth.

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Scalp care is also very important. We recommend you take the time to give yourself a gentle scalp massage at night, which helps stimulate blood circulation and promote hair growth.

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