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Having the Blues This Autumn? 5 Steps to Lift Your Spirits

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Having the Blues This Autumn? 5 Steps to Lift Your Spirits

Autumn strikes again, and anxiety is kicking in already. Here comes the time of the year that gives you that sick feeling in your soul and brings up your worst nightmares. Emotions and feelings are all over the place now, and just when you thought you got enough stress going on in your life, autumn came in a hurry to kill what’s left of summer’s joy.

Sounds familiar? You know we’re talking about autumn blues, but let’s talk about some easy steps that will lighten your mood in no time.

1- Catch some Rays this Autumn 

We say make your peace with autumn, because let’s face it, your problem isn’t with this season itself, it’s with summer coming to an end. That’s right, no one wants all the fun, outings, and activities to end. Solution? Autumn doesn’t mean you have to lock yourself home, you can still go out and get some of that sunlight at least for half an hour a day. Hence, take a walk and embrace nature’s beauty, this increases vitamin D level in your body and picks up your mood a little.

2- Wander in Nature

To get the most out of the first step, you got to wander in mother nature rather than the city streets. Surrender yourself to the natural beauty and feast your eyes on the earthy shades. Though walking in nature might not be this easy given the urban life we’re living, whenever you get the chance to connect with nature go for it.

3- Exercise More this Autumn 

The more you keep on moving, the better your mood! So, if you work from home, make sure to dedicate 30 minutes a day to exercise. You can try some workout videos on YouTube or simply use fitness apps. When you finish work, go out a little. Even a small walk in the streets can uplift your feelings instantly and help you beat the blues.

4- Try Essential Oil Treatments

For ages, people have used essential aromatic oils to treat depression thanks to their calming and relaxing effects. Among the best oils you can inhale and even use as air fresheners are lavender oil, jasmine oil, and lemon oil, which will surely break the tension, ease anxiety, and make this autumn joyful again.

5- Meditate

Complement the effects of aromatic oils with meditation. For at least 5 minutes a day, sit in a cosy quiet place with relaxing music on and close your eyes focusing on positive thoughts to boost your emotional wellbeing. Commit to this kind of meditation daily to reduce stress and increase your happiness.

Consider the above-mentioned steps whenever you’re 3 minutes away from bursting into tears this autumn. And remember, you’ll get through the hardest days, and the sun will shine again!

Last Updated on February 13, 2023

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