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Amazing Health and Beauty Benefits of Dates, Discover Them Now!

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Amazing Health and Beauty Benefits of Dates, Discover Them Now!

The Tree of Life, which refers to the palm tree, offers one of the best and healthiest fruits you can find: dates! Whether eaten as a fruit or incorporated in a recipe, dessert or even a drink, this fruit provides various healthy nutrients you may need, such as potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, vitamins A and B, and fiber. We can assure you that after reading this article, you won’t go a day without eating dates because of the health and beauty benefits they provide.

5 Health Benefits

1- Relax the intestines: Being rich in fiber, dates are essential to our digestive system. First, they calm the intestines in a natural way, which relieves and prevents constipation. Second, they cleanse the colon, reducing cramps and spasms, which makes them one of the best foods for patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

2- Suppress appetite: Are you one of those who can’t stop snacking between meals? No worries. But do you tend to go for unhealthy snacks such as chips and salted nuts, among others? Time to change this habit and lose those nasty nibbles that make you put on unnecessary extra weight and replace them with… You guessed it right, dates! In fact, 3 to 4 pieces will sate your appetite as they contain a great amount of fiber and sugar that is gradually absorbed by the body, unlike artificial sugars.

3- Boost energy: Hunger is usually accompanied by fatigue or even exhaustion. Once again, a few dates a day can keep these feelings away! Indeed, the carbohydrates and natural sugars they provide make them the perfect energy boosters, which is why dates are very popular in athletes’ pre-training foods.

4- Provide antioxidants: Whether in the skin or in the pulp, dates are rich in antioxidants, particularly vitamin C and selenium. These elements are not only essential in fighting oxidative stress caused by pollution, fatigue, sun exposure and other factors, but also play a vital role in the prevention of diseases such as cancerous tumors and heart diseases.

5- Treat anemia: Dates are important in fighting against anemia thanks to all the essential minerals they contain, notably iron and potassium. The latter helps the body in absorbing the iron necessary to fight this condition.

Amazing Health and Beauty Benefits of Dates, Discover Them Now!

3 Beauty Benefits

The benefits of dates do not end there! In addition to your health, these fruits are also excellent for your skin and hair.

1- Protect the skin from external factors: The antioxidants you can find in dates not only protect your body cells, but also the skin cells. The skin is subject to damage due to exposure to the sun’s UV rays, smoking, pollution, etc. You can prevent this damage by incorporating this kind of food into your beauty routine: Prepare homemade mixtures based on dates, use products containing dates extract, or simply eat the fruit every day.

2- Fix skin imperfections: The nutrients provided by dates are effective in eliminating skin imperfections, such as dryness, spots and blemishes, and signs of aging. They will have a magical effect on your skin, especially when applied as a mask.

3- Strengthen and nourish hair: Your hair will be forever grateful every time you eat dates. This fruit has an incredible effect on hair, whether by adding shine or strengthening hair from root to tip thanks to all the nutrients it contains. Dates also promote healthy hair growth.

After reading this article, can you still resist the urge to eat dates every day?

Last Updated on February 12, 2024

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